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Feb 24, 2022

Should I Buy a JDM Legend? My First Drive in an R34 GT-R

Should I Buy a JDM Legend? My First Drive in an R34 GT-R
Shmee150 takes an R34 for a test drive

To date one of the most legendary JDM icons has eluded me, and it's time to fix that with a first drive in the Nissan R34 GT-R V-Spec! The showroom at HJA is JDM paradise, including a £1.6m R33 400R so let's take a look around before heading out in the R34! To explore the stunning display at HJA, we are joined by Tom from @The Shmuseum who it turns out has quite the knowledge about everything here. While I'm at home in a world of supercars, JDM is clearly Tom's element so who better to show us around the various Skylines, Subarus, Evos and more. The highlight by far is the extraordinarily rare and valuable R33 400R, one of only 40 cars in existence and worth £1.6m. However, the stock at HJA extends to cover all sorts of R32s, R33s and R34s, including the V-Spec II Nur edition cars amongst others. However, for my first Skyline experience, it has to be an iconic R34 GT-R V-Spec in Bayside Blue, the famous halo colour for the car. The JDM icons are rising in popularity, and value, at an alarming rate as more attention is brought upon cars of this era. However, somehow I have never managed to experience an R34 myself and it's time to find out what some of the fuss is about and get out on the road. The weather might be far from the best, but that won't spoil the fun of my first proper JDM car drive, and an opportunity to think if one of these will ever join my collection.

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