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Jun 6, 2022

GT-R Registry - Some Number Oddness

Mobile results - 498 BN6 R33 GT-R

While checking a post for the Toprank Importers Instagram, we came up with an addition oddity on GT-R Registry.  I sent the information to them, but I also wanted to point it out.  As we use this data to help describe vehicles, we also need to realize that it isn't infallible. 

In this case, via mobile, and via the web, we came up with two different production figures for the BN6 R33 GT-R. 

Web results - 492 BN6 R33 GT-R

Now here's the thing. 143+118+69+40+33 = 496.  

And when I checked mobile today, I saw 492.   So this is minutia, but also a reason you always have to take some numbers with a grain of salt. We are all human, and often new details and information comes out, in regards to production numbers. 

Even last year, we learned about a color code (301) used on several R32 GT-R, that was not documented. 

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