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Aug 5, 2022


1998 R33 GT-R 4 Door for sale at Toprank 

1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R Autech Version 40th Anniversary For Sale In Japan

Did you know that the first GT-R were 4 doors?  This Autech version of the R33 Sedan is one of 416 built.  It is a January 1998 car, and eligible for import to the US in January 2023.

40th anniversary Autech R33 GT-R for sale at Toprank

The Autech R33 was exhibited at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show in 1997 with the concept of "Sports sedan of highest performance for grown-ups" and released in 1998. It shared the body with 4-door Skyline R33 but rear doors and rear fender were newly designed only for this model to replicate blister fender of 2-door GT-R.

R33 Autech version GT-R rear bucket seats

The exterior with smaller front spoiler and no rear spoiler created placid atmosphere. The interior for 4 passengers with bucket type rear seats was also unique. It was the first 4-door Skyline GT-R since "2000GT-R (PGC10)" released in 1969, and got favorable reviews.

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R33 GT-R Autech Version engine 

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