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Aug 2, 2022

My R32 GTR at Laguna Seca! Brian Jannusch

Brian takes his revived R32 GT-R to Laguna Seca. Will it survive? Its now on E85, and has a few upgrades and fixes since the last time out at R's Day. 

Laguna Seca with my R32 GTR was so incredible. I wasn't the fastest but I learned so much! 

 So much time, effort and money has gone into this car and it really felt all worth it and I improved though out the day at the track! You’ll be getting Laguna posts all week but a huge thanks to @toprank_ivi_sean_morris  @__wasabi_j__  and for their help getting the car ready and also @pennzoil & @yokohamatire for their support as I continue down this path of improving the car and as a driver. 

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