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Friday, August 28, 2009

RB26DETT Cam Timing Adjustment

Cam Timing adjustments.
Intake side
Advancing timing - turning the pulley counter clockwise - you gain power at low RPM.
Retarding timing - turning the pulley clockwise - you gain power at high RPM
Most adjustable cam gears can be moved +/- 10 degrees which is 20 degrees of cam timing on most aftermarket cam gears.
Variable valve timing on the intake cam. 3 different setups. Seems to be popular on GT-R's in Japan now.

Parts for RB26 Timing Belt Change

Timing belt -13028-20P25
Tensioner- 13070-42L00
Idler- 13074-58S00
Tensioner Spring- 13072-58S10

Water Pump - 21010-21U26
N1 Water Pump - 21010-24U27


Anonymous said...

That is not correct.

Retard the exhaust cam will give you more low down response. Advancing the inlet cam will give you better top end.

best know setup for a std Rb26dett is -4 ex and +2 inlet. This equates to -2lines and plus 1line on the cam wheel as each mark is 2 degrees at the crank.

Sean Morris said...

You have it backwards. Not sure which RB26's you are playing with, but not the ones I am.

-4 on the intake side is actually advancing the cam.

What does the HKS V-Cam do? Why do they only use it on the intake side? Check the operation of it, then get back to me.

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