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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R Starters

Two different RB26 starters. 

"Click.  Click.  Turn the key again, click.  Come on, this thing just started. Why isn't it starting now? "

 Been there, done that, and recently we had an R32 GT-R that was reported as dead. Wouldn't start. So this is what we did.

  1. First thing is a quick look everything over. Make sure that there is a battery. Make sure the terminals are connected. Just a reality check. We have seen some odd things, and not checking the basics will bite you in the end.  Check for 12 volts. 
  2. Attempted to start the car. Lights on dash work. Nothing but click when key is turned.
  3. Next check out the battery terminals. We have seen loose positives and loose negatives cause this to happen. 
  4. If nothing was found, now comes the fun parts.  Jack up the car and check the connectors on the starter. If the small square wire comes off, then the solenoid won't engage. Check the terminal, make sure its not loose. 
  5. Next, find a decent extension and hammer, and give the starter/solenoid a couple good smacks.
  6. Go back inside the car, see if it cranks over.  If it does, you need a new starter. If it doesn't try it again just to see if you were too much of a girly man the first time to free up the solenoid. 
  7. Changing the starter on a GT-R is not a fun job.  Sorry.  The top 14 mm bolt, blocked by the solenoid can give you fits. 
  8. We normally use a stubby flex with a deep 14 mm socket. However depending on how stock the car is, there are other ways to get at it. 
  9. On the race car, with no Hicas, no OEM oil cooler, you can get at the top starter bolt from the top. Some people say they can reach the top starter bolt with a long extension going above the alternator. If you can do that with all the OEM parts in place, you should try your hand at brain surgery. 

Two different OEM starters

Two OEM starters, one Autozone 16203 starter. 

OEM, OEM, Autozone 16203 starter
Wiring Diagram
How to test

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