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Jul 2, 2007

Hubert at NOPI drift LA

Hubert sucking up close to Stephan Papadakis during NOPI LA. Hubert is getting more and more comfortable in the car as the year progresses. His only time in the car is on the race weekends. He looked great this weekend. Qualified 4th, but lost to Stephan in the round of 16. He would have had it, if he was a little less aggressive. Its ok though, rather go out in a blaze of glory, than fade slowly. More event coverage and pictures at

From Hubert -
Too agressive going into the first clipping point, slammed on the foot
brake, locked up the front wheels while sideways, kissed the S2000 very
slightly, and I spun at the first clipping point.

That run was the first time I ran that close to another car. It felt good.
I learned a lot just from those few split seconds.

16 54pt Andrew Hatley
15 55pt Chelseae Denofa
14 59.5pt Dan Willie
13 64.5pt Stephen Papadakis
12 65pt Sammy Tiger
11 Chris Milano
10 69.5pt Ryan Hampton
9. 73.5pt Damien Bagley
8 75pt Forrest Wang
7 Lance Feliciano
6 Blake Fuller
5 Bill Sherman
4 Hubert Young
3 Kenji Yamanaka
2 Justin Pawlak
1 87.5pt Alex Pfeiffer

Huberts the man, out qualifying the last events winner and 2nd place finisher. Not too bad for an accountant. I bet my CPA can out drift your CPA......

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