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Sep 7, 2007

NHTSA mandates side impact protection by 2012

The government safety agency had been studying the measure since 2004, noting that 650,000 people were injured and 9,200 killed in side-impact accidents in 2005. The side airbags could prevent more than 300 of the injuries and about the same number of deaths each year, NHTSA has estimated.

Does that math seem off to anyone else ? 650,000 injuries - and they estimate that 300 injuries could be have saved if the cars had side impact bags. 9200 deaths in side impact accidents - and about 300 people could be saved with side impact bags.

So I come up with 659,200 incidents - and side impact bags could helped 600 people. I come up with 0.0000091 percent. Not 1 percent , not 10 percent .... 0.0000091 percent.

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