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Sep 21, 2007

Primedia magazines movers

Primedia Enthusiast media group.
#1 special interest media company, with more than 70 magazines, 90 websites, over 65 events, two television programs, 400 branded products, and such well-known brands as Motor Trend, Automobile,,, Power & Motoryacht, Hot Rod, Snowboarder, Stereophile, Surfer, and

Magazines are so much of the business that I am involved with. I know a lot of the people, and see them out at a lot of the same events I go to. Some of the editors I have known for a long time, some are even customers.

The current -aka last few months- or so moves I can remember. Super Street Magazine - John Naderi out. John was the Editorial Director of the International Division. Carter Jung from Super Street to Import Tuner and editor of Siphon. Joey Leh from Import Tuner to editor of Sport Compact Car. Ed Loh from Sport Compact Car to Motor Trend. I hear that some background people were trimmed from the Modified staff.

Dave Pankew , former editor of Modified Magazine, is now the editorial director for the Performance Auto and Sound - Magazine(s)group.

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