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Oct 17, 2007

An old GT-R photo

When I was at Motorex, I used to name a few of the cars. Its easier than saying "the white GT-R" Not all the cars got names. Heres the cars in the above photo.

Slim Shady - Sport Compact Car - "Stupid Fast" article
Nicks car - Sport Compact Car - USCC several times
Blackbird - Too many places too list , basis for Fast and Furious 2 car
Silver R34 - Was originally for Paul Walker , ended up going to Hawaii was seized by DEA, and now lives in Texas
Blue R34 - Not sure which car this is. There were two blue ones around the same time. One went to Seattle, one went to San Francisco.
Black R33 - Drag Sport Project RH9 - First US 9 second GT-R
Big Bird - Too much to list, Fast and Furious , Won Pikes Peak , First 10 second US car , Cover of Sport Compact Car a couple times

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