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Oct 23, 2007

Once again its on - Ebay R33 GT-R

Ebay canceled the last auction, as they said the vehicle wasn't approved. We sent them a copy of the DOT bond release, and waited for them to approve it. Its back up.

Ebay auction

Item number: 230184693042

1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R

RB26DETT engine , 2.6 liter , dual overhead cam, twin turbo. Rated at 280 hp.

Kakimoto exhaust

5 speed manual transmission

Brembo brakes

ATTESA all wheel drive system

Super Hicas four wheel steering

Xenon headlights

The car will come with stock wheels . Currently on the car are Work VS-XX wheels
18 x 10 all around. Staggered offset to give an aggressive rear lip. .
The VS-XX are available for an additional $2300 on top of the auction
close, or will be included with the buy it now option.

Own one of less than 100 R33 GT-R's imported and sold legally in the US.This car was imported though Motorex, and was given a DOT bond release in September 2006. This vehicle has a New York title. This vehicle is a 49 state car, and not for sale in California.

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