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Nov 8, 2007

New DC-DC Converter Increases Hybrid Efficiency

A consortium of British companies, led by motorsport specialist Prodrive, is developing a new DC-DC converter for use in automotive hybrid and electric vehicles, which will be more efficient, smaller and lower cost than those currently available.

“Our converter will be designed for use with 50 kW systems,” said Pete James, electronics specialist at Prodrive. “This means it can provide an additional power boost of up to 67bhp, which allows a hybrid car to use a much smaller petrol engine without any loss in performance. The other exciting prospect is that such a system could be used instead of a turbo or supercharger on higher performance sports cars.”

Sweet - like nitrous for a Prius. Kinda. Not really. 67 horsepower more though. Should make the Prius get up a little bit.

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