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Nov 4, 2007

R33 on eBay - this time the positive comments

After the idiots get their words in, then I get a few positive comments from people. As I said before, all the idiots get hats. Thank you for all the positive comments from those people that can appreciate a US legal R33 GT-R.

Ebay questions

Q: All, I live in Japan and you cannot even get a R33 GTR as clean as this one for under $25,000. His car is 4 wheel drive and will easily smoke the Boy Racer Evo's without any effort. It costs a bundle to even ship this car to the states, let alone Title it. Well worth the $$ Nov-04-07
A: Thank you. I had to post the other "questions" about the prices, and a few of the favorable comments.
Q: just wanted to say that is truly a beautiful car...and i think it is worth ALOT and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and knows nothing about cars! Nov-03-07
A: Thank you. Some people can appreciate it, some people can not.

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