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Nov 30, 2007

Trick it Out - MTV 3

I was not even totally aware of an MTV 3. MTV TR. Channel 63 on Direct TV. Anyway, around May of this year , Victor , Kenny , Ernie, and myself competed on MTV's show - Trick it Out. I hated myself for doing it, but I had nothing else much better to do. 10 days to build a car to a theme. 1991 BMW 5 series sedan , 1960's theme.

The stupid clock. I hated the doomsday, countdown clock. It sucks. I wanted to break it at the end, they wouldn't let me. I even offered to pay for it.

We made our own wheels. We used 3 piece Volk outers , Steelie wheel centers, an adaptor ring , Ernie welded them up , and then we put them together. 18" steelie wheels. Steelie, Aluminum , 3 piece wheels.

Color matched the engine , did a couple other weird little details on it.

A 1991 BMW 5 series sedan - to a 5 series woody wagon. It was a bit of a werid stretch. The wood sucked. Turned out not the way we wanted. Maybe looked ok from far, but not so hot up close.

Bench seat in the front. Color matched interior.

Deck in the back , surfboard.

Wood steering wheel from Moonies , Surfboard rear view mirror , Hula girl on the dash.

We didn't finish all the way, so that hurt us. We ended up losing to this car.

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Unknown said...

ummm so both teams had a different theme?? The car that won doesn't look too '60's to me; but then again, I wasn't around back then so what do I know??