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Dec 4, 2007

10 second - Stock Z06 on stock tires

Thanks bdubb. This is fairly interesting. 10 second slip. Most people stuggle to get them into the 11's. 128 mph is moving. Bow down

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track was like Fly Paper and the Air Conditioning was on high!(40 degrees). My goal when I went out today was to try and beat the Pure stock stock tire record which I was able to do! I usually take a couple of cars and I felt it was hampering my driving one to perfection so I only took the Z06 so I could really drive it to its fullest! My Second pass of the day was a 11.08 at 128 followed in order with a 11.11 at 128, 11.02 at 129 and a 10.98 at 129 on the Factory issued Fun Flat tires

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