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Dec 6, 2007

Motorex R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Sport Compact Car

By Josh Jacquot
Photography by John E. Thawley, III

Seventy-three hundred on the tach, clutch in, gear lever in first, heart racing and nothing but 1320 feet of inviting tarmac in front of the car. This isn't easy. Everything in my body tells me this isn't right. But it's the only way--no mechanical empathy here. Bang!

Lucky for us, Skylines don't care about this kind of abuse. Their drivetrains have been known to hold up to ridiculous power levels before showing any signs of weakness and this relatively low power torture test wasn't going to faze the Nissan's robust guts. Even so, the GT-R bangs off a 13.2-second run at almost 104 mph--impressive.

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