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Dec 23, 2007

The Van - 1977

If you wanted to score babes in the 1970s, you had to have three things: A bitchin' haircut, Led Zeppelin "IV" on the stereo and a custom van (preferably one with a waterbed in the back). Bobby (Stuart Goetz) is well on his way, but he's got bad luck with chicks -- and even worse luck with cash. Plus, he's got to fend off blockheads like Dugan (Steven J. Oliver). Don't miss the brief appearance of a young Danny DeVito in this kitschy camp fest.

In our effort to try and rent and see everything automobile related on Netflix , we managed to stumble on this gem from 1977. If you remember the van craze of the 1970's then this movie is for you, it might bring back some good memories. If you don't remember it , you might want to watch this for a laugh. It is funny in a bad 1970's movie kind of way. Maybe for 1977 it wasn't that bad , but looking at it in 2007 , its editing and camera work leave a little to be desired. Add it to your list , and enjoy some free love , tucked and rolled ,chrome trimmed , and airbrushed fun from the 70's.

The Straight Arrow.

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