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Dec 23, 2007

Mine's VX-ROM for G37 Infiniti Coupe

Mines has a ROM tune out for the G37 Coupe. With the VVEL , you could really do some odd stuff if you wanted to, and had full control over it. Of course its for Japan, and probably set up for 100 RON fuel.

VX-ROM for INFINITI G37COUPE MT is finally on sale!

Its specs are as follows:

・Changed the data of electronic throttle
・Changed CVTC
・Changed eVTC
・Changed the Speed Limiter Control
・Changed the Rev Limiter Control
・Changed the fuel map
・Changed the ignition timing map (High-octane map/Regular map)
・Upgraded the fuel economy and response.

For alterations, please visit our store or send us
your vehicle's computer as we will tune it up
without changing the immobilizer function.

 Price: 96,000 yen
 ※Complete setting is not available to buy.

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