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Feb 3, 2008

XS Engineering Clearance Specials

From Erics Blog

"They do have some really cool parts for cheap. Most parts are brand new, but there are some used parts available too for super cheap. Some are so damn cheap that some of you who own shops may even want to purchase some parts.

ACT clutches for Supra TT, Integra, IS300, Eclipse, and Civics - 50%+ discount

Koyo aluminum racing radiators for EVO, FD RX-7, S14/15, Integra, Civics - under $300

ATI E-pod gauge mounts for EVO, FD RX-7, G35, VW Golf - 50%+ discount

Forged pistons and rods for Prelude H, Integra B, EJ20 Subaru, and Nissan KA24DE - cheap!

Dynojet 2wd dynamometer and big ass 350 Amp Lincoln TIG welder - half price!

HKS & Blitz Blow off valves, XS & AVO intercoolers, K&N & HKS air filters - 50%+ discount

Skyline GT-R/EVO/STI, Brembo F40/F50/Lotus PFC brake pads, chassis bars for EVO/STI - 50%+ discount

Bridgestone, Hoosier, Dunlop tires and Volk/Rays wheels - cheap!

HKS GT Turbos, Garrett GT Turbos, Garrett T3/T04s, exhaust manifolds - 50%+ discount!

So with all these kick ass deals, you should be able to build your cars with top quality parts, CHEAP.

If you need some parts - you want to check them out.

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