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Mar 7, 2008

Supaca Imports - Now an email from Lewis Kim

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 11:25 PM, Golden Castle Management wrote:

Hello Sean,

I am Lee's co-worker at Supaca Imports and my name is
Lewis Kim.

I am sorry for the confusion. It was his one man act
and does not represent our company opinion.

We understand our web is misleading and we are going
to rephrase it.

We have just moved and maybe I can invite you over for
a tea one day.

Sorry for my co-worker's mess. I would apologize and
hope your continue to enjoy your success. He needs to
chill down.

Good night.



This man Tim Lee Goodman threatened myself, a friend of mines company. Pretty simply I am exposing him, and if you claim to be involved with him, all the lies that are out there about this company.

You need to explain to me lots of things

#1) Where are you actually located ? You are not at 6080 Center Street - I have been there and video taped it
#2) Why do you claim to be an LLC when you are not. Not in California , not in Nevada.
#3) Why do you list the company as being in Beverly Hills, use a PO Box in Beverly Hills for some transactions, but no real physical address ?
#4) Why do you use generic Japanese car dealer photos for your "inventory" ?
#5) Why do you say you have an automotive dealer license, when you are not listed in the place you claim your business to be ?
#6) What happened to the customer from Yonkers New York, that imported a car, and had it sit in customs for 19 days at $150 a day ?
#7) Why do you talk about OBD II and state requirements when you have no clue of such things ?
#8) Why do you list a Japanese phone number and address that does not exist ?
#9) Why do you say you are the number one supplier of Skylines - when you are not ?
#10) Which Registered Importer are you contracted with to do the RI work on a Nissan Skyline ?
#11) Which ICI are you contracted with to do the EPA work on a Skyline ?
#12) Show me proof of an actual car you have imported with the chassis number that I can calle the DOT at (202)366-5291 and check and see if its bond released.

I can go on and on, but this should keep you scammers busy for a while. Your "company" is nothing. Less than nothing.

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