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Mar 7, 2008

Supaca Imports - Liars and Scammers

Tim Lee Goodman and Lewis Kim . My 3 pm deadline to remove the true information about your "company" came and went. The information I posted about your lying , scamming, rip off company Supaca Imports is still up.

I have found out more information about you. And guess what, people are emailing even more things about you guys. Things I am not sure I can legally post. Things like bank account information. WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK FA (ASB) PO BOX 1090 NORTHRIDGE CA 91328 (818)775-8855.

Is that your bank Tim ?

How about Supaca Imports on the Go Big Network. Looking for investors ?

The Supaca Imports, LLC is an innovative global auto brand (broker) formed by knowledgeable young professionals specializing in import/export/wholesale of select high quality/ high profile Exotic Sport, Super/High performance/Collector cars/parts (Ferrari, Skyline, NSX etc..) ; For racing, showroom, and personal purposes for broad national and global marketplace.

Sweet, more lies. You have one guy representing you that can not communicate in English, and another guy that can't seem to keep him in check. Maybe the same person. The person that claims to be president, is illiterate at best.

So let me ask you two / one person with multiple voices ? What going on with Kay and his $5000 ? The money he sent you though Paypal ?

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