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Mar 7, 2008

Supaca Imports - "Preofessionally" represened by Tim Lee Goodman

These guys are such idiots, that I really do not have to try hard.
They just make it so easy. Its laughable.

Nissan Skyline 400 + HP!

This car has been built preofessionally by Nissan certified mecahnic (nismo) in Japan.
So, obviously there is something about this car. power and class at its height but fairly priced. there are cheaper r32s out there, you know cheaper is always not a good thing. price reflects quality and this is stil well-priced.

This car is for "trac-use" only but if you wish to register it in your state, I can give you a link to the guy that handles all fo it. Here we go again, R32 supaca brand on the market.

Tim Lee Goodman. Professionally built. That would be English. You keep saying you have a college level education, however postings like this, make me think more like 5th grade education.


Normally, us people that speak and write English, capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Maybe not in your college.

Most of the rest I can not decipher, so I need someone that speaks your gibberish, ghettobonics to translate for me.

Modified Car Trader

There is an option to report this item as suspicious.

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