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Jul 20, 2008

Cobb R35 GT-R vs FAS R34 GT-R at Time Attack

The Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R was out at the Redline Time Attack / Livesockets Battle today. I took a few photos of the car and talked with Trey from Cobb for a little while. They have got a bit of weight out of the car. It is down to 3570 lbs without driver on the 20 inch wheels. We guessed at the weight might be down to around 3500 even with the 19" wheels and tires. They have the Sparco seats in it, have removed the A/C. Added an additional oil cooler. They said boost for this event was just under a bar.

They were matched up with the Focus Auto Sales R34 GT-R. The FAS R34 GT-R is a pretty serious street car. 580 whp, driven by Billy Johnson, setup by Steve Mitchell from M-Workz.

I know who won, and who was fastest, and its not the same. Its for you guys to guess, or if you were there, you might know already.

Both cars had plenty of practice and time on the track. In practice they were very nearly even, both running in the 1:51 range. For the head to head battle, both cars pulled out the hardcore soft tires to run on. Cobb on Hooisers, FAS on Hancooks.

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