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Jul 27, 2008

Top Gear , USA

Yesterday , Saturday 26th, July, I went to the taping of the pilot for Top Gear for the USA. The hosts were Adam Corolla, Tanner Foust , and Eric Stromer.

First off, I went in with pretty low expectations. I am a pretty big fan of the English show. The videography of the English show is awesome. I was pleasantly surprised at the US shots. There was a producer/director from the BBC version of Top Gear, which I think helped out hugely. It really had the right feel.

If you are a hard core Top Gear , Jeremy Clarkson or die kind of fan, I think you might not like the US version. If you come into it with an open mind, US guys doing the same kinds of things as the English guys, I think you will enjoy it. I think it might do well.

For most people, that have not seen the BBC Top Gear should really enjoy the show . It was entertaining. Adam Corolla was great. He pulled no punches on the celebrity in the reasonably priced car. Adam is a car guy, and it shows. He looked pretty comfortable out there. No photos, no cameras, no cell phones for the taping. Merritt wrote a post for Autoblog already, you might want to check that out and make some comments.

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