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Oct 10, 2008

Irwindale 1/8th mile - R32 Skyline GT-R

Went to Irwindale 1/8th mile drag strip last night with Jeffs R32 GT-R. Tried it on the pump gas tune and 20 psi of boost. Did a 7.29@99.65 and 7.28@98.80 , 7.3@98.77 , 7.6@101.33 . Best 60 foot was a 1.61 on the 7.29 pass. 1.67 on the 7.28 pass.

Tires were Toyo RA1's. 275/35/18 all around. The 7.29 pass they told me if I ran 7.25 that I would need a roll bar, so they asked me to keep it under 7.25. I tried to turn up the boost, but I think I might have had a small boost leak. We are going to check it out, and come back with more boost. Next time race gas tune and 26/27 psi

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not bad.