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Dec 15, 2008

1224 whp R34 GT-R in Australia

In Australia yesterday Godzilla Motorsports tuned R34 GT-R "RH9" set a horsepower record under competition conditions for RB26's in Australia

In the "Power Championship" at Autosalon final battle in Sydney today the car made a staggering 911 AWKW on its first run then backed up that figure and made another 20AWKW more...YES 931 AWKW!!!

The car was run with the factory ATTESSA to control torque split and i viewed the data with Todd from Mainline after the runs and it had a 65% rear 35% front games here.

Stock block, stock crank. 2.6 liter. GT47-88 turbo. Big boost, but they say they have 5 more PSI in the bag. The intercooler end tank split on the last run.

Video after the jump:

Source: Skylines Australia


Unknown said...

I was fortunate enough to be driving behind this beast once. I live in Kingswood, which is one of the Western Suburbs about 50km from Sydney, so I usually don't expect to see anything special there... I drive a Skyline myself, albeit a lowly R33 GTS-T, and the RH9 numberplate looked familiar when I saw it. I went home that night and did some research on the car - if only I'd known how much power it was packing at the time, I would have followed them and tried to have a bit of a chat! Doh! :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, LOL.... I just watched the video after posting the other comment - I was *there* when they did that dyno run!! Oops :)

There were also a few nice Supras and GTR's... DAMN they were loud! Gotta love those screamer pipes... indoors... :)