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Dec 14, 2008

Drift Tuners is Giving Up the Business

I stumbled across this on the internet.

Address: 266 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, ON, K9J View map
Date Listed: 12-Dec-08

$30,000 OBO for - High Traffic!

This company has been a lot of fun, made great contacts over the years, hate to sell it but I'm way to busy with a new company. It's a great home based business that more then paid my bills. Great way to make a heathy living at home.

Includes phone number, Customers, website, server, software, broker, export agent, 1 week onsite training plus much more.

Makes $500,000 year. If interested call me at 866-847-1407 ex: 228 or email me at . It's a great business, I'm moving on in a diferent area of importing in Dubai. Also includes full rights as the main sponsor to our Pro Drift team.

As a bonus I will toss in .

Or I will trade for a 2003 + 350z, Hummer H2, BMW 330Ci, Cadillac CTS or Mercedes

Drift Tuners. I guess the business was just too good.


Anonymous said...

Sean, just curious, who are these guys:

Sean Morris said...

No physical address. No phone number. No other information. Just an email address and pictures.

Very suspect.