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Dec 13, 2008

OS Giken RB30 , OS Giken RB31 , Nissan RB30 , HKS High Deck 2.8


A quick and dirty guide on a couple of the “no replacement for displacement” adages. OS Giken has a couple of kits they sell. Nissan has an RB30 block. HKS has a special High Deck block.


OS Giken RB30 – A spacer plate, open deck block 86 mm bore and stroke work out to 2996 cc. The picture to the left is interesting. Twin T78’s on an RB30.




rb30kitOS Giken RB31 – This picture is actually of the RB30 kit, however it is the same kit with a longer stroke. More or less the same. Not exactly the same.






blockpistons-RB30 Nissan RB30  - The Nissan RB30. The “taxi” block. There is no replacement for displacement,and on the cheap, this is the way many people go. It requires a modified oil pan pickup, and an adaptor to bolt up to the RB26 all wheel drive oil pan.





  OS Giken
OS Giken
RB315KIT (race only)
  1,627,500 yen (tax included) -------    
Bore × stroke 86 x 86 86.5 x 89 86x86 86x73.7
Displacement 2996 3138cc 2996 2568
Block 05U N1 RB30 05U
Spacer 24mm 26mm None None
Liner Open Deck Open Deck Closed Closed
Crankshaft 8 hole 8 hole    
Ring widths
22 mm pin
1.5, 1.5,2.8
22 mm pin
1.5, 1.5,2.8
21mm 21mm
Bearing width
138.35 c-c
23mm GTI-R
139.35 c-c
23mm GTI-R
  121.5 c-c
21.8 mm
Pulley OS Giken OS Giken Stock Stock
Timing Belt OS Giken OS Giken    
Head Bolts OS Giken OS Giken 10mm 12mm
Head Gasket 1.2 mm metal 1.2 mm
  1.2mm paper



HKS-Hi Deck 28

HKS High Deck 2.8 – The elusive HKS “high deck” block. It appears to be only a sleeved and deck plated block. They probably run a long rod in it to make some more torque. This was supposedly the block in the 7 second HKS Drag R33. There are a couple guys in the UK running it, and a few of the more serious drag GT-R’s in Japan.


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