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Dec 10, 2008

Drift Tuners Moving Forum to Forum Trying to Scam People

Drift Tuners - Jeremy Boddy. I had run into him on the Freshalloy forums when I was having some issues with Supaca Imports. I even went to Supacas "office" and exposed they don't exist. Now DT has shown their head around a couple forums , Nico, My350Z, Zilvia, claiming to be able to import JDM cars. Claiming to be able to import race cars. A slick website, and most people that don't know any better bite. Don't be scammed by these guys. Read and learn from these forum posts. Question anyone that can claim to get you an "imported" car. You as the buyer, are the one that is going to have problems later.

Forum posts to do some more reading.

Drift Tuners new batch of idiots

Drift Tuners : Yes they are still around

Zilvia forum - this one got locked. It just makes me mad to see all these people jump in and say how they want a car. These guys will give this guy money, and get nothing but a headache in return.

My350Z forum

- Again. Same responses.

Check out this email from Jeremy.

This email got sent out to a lot of people...

"We now offer DOT & EPA imports for U.S. street use which also includes a U.S. title. For more information please call us at 1-866-847-1407. This includes the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline R33 and R34 from 1996 through 1998 and the Silvia S13, S14 and S15. We currently are updating the website to include the DOT, EPA and title within the price of our U.S. sales. Call or email us for more info. Our process no longer will include J.K. Tech, LLC. Therefore reducing the overall cost saving you money. Our process is $5,000 vs the $26,000 that J.K. Tech charges.

Jeremy Boddy
General Director"

Nice. $5000 with a title. Anyone that has actually ever even tried to get a title for a imported car, knows you are going to spend a lot of money. Just EPA work and compliance, and you are nearly at $5k.

I wonder what happened between them and JK. Have to follow up on this. These guys are just full of it.

I had an email the other day from someone that said they sent Drift Tuners $2000 for a deposit on a car. They had a lot of problems getting a hold of them after they sent the money. The car they wanted wasn't available, so the buyer found another, as they could not get a hold of Jeremy. I haven't heard if it had been settled, but I am sure that is how this kid is working. Just scamming one person after another.

Know the laws and regulations on importing.

Race car exemptions

EPA Requirements

How to import a Nissan Skyline GT-R How to import cars from Japan

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