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Dec 10, 2008

Drift Tuners : Their Own Forums AKA Using Their Own Words To Hang Themselves

I was glancing around at the Drifttuners forums, seeing what they had to say, and I am not going to post a direct link, they don't need any free traffic.

Posted by Jermy Boddy - Nov 19,2008

Also if you live in any state besides Cali you don't need to Federalize the car. You can get it legal in your state for much less. Around $5,000

And again.

Posted by Jeremy Boddy - Nov 23, 2008
Because you’re not in Cali you don't have to worry about the Federalization process. When you Federalize it means that you can be a resident of any state with any JDM however if you decide never to move to Cali then there is no extra cost on top of our listed price on the website. But if you do decide to move to Cali then you will have to pay the $26,000 because Cali’s emissions and safety standards are so tight. Sucks but that’s the Government for ya!

Federalization. Does he understand what Federalization means ? He is giving a customer advice about Federalization. Federal. As in the whole country. As in bringing the car into compliance with DOT and EPA rules. The only way you need to do Federalization is if you are in California ? California has its own rules.

This guy is just talking about getting "state legal" cars. Nothing else. He can't get a federal car done. He keeps claiming to be able to do it, never seen anything.

So these guys are an RI ? Posted by Jeremy Boddy January 31 ,2008
There are alot of importers however we are the only RI in the world that can legally modify the R33 to comply with the US laws and that's because we have the multi million dollar crash testing facility and we are the only company in the world that know what and how to modify the R33 to US standards. Also not many companies in North America can legally import track cars, you have to hold a special licence for customs clearance to do so. DRIFT Tuners has been around for a few years and generates sales near the million per year.
They are an RI ? They have a multi- million dollar crash test facility ? Big words from these guys with no proof. Its nearly a year later and what do they have ?

These guys are a scam.

One more
Posted by Jeremy Boddy - Nov 19,2008 -

I can get you in a fully Federalized DOT, EPA, NHTSA R34 for a budget of $25,000.
So where in the list of non conforming vehicles is an R34 ? The list says 1996-1998 R33's only. So you are offering something to someone that you can not legally sell them. He is saying because the R34 was also available in 1998, that it somehow is ok as the 1998 R33 is legal. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

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