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Dec 10, 2008

Drift Tuners Is Going to Sue Me.

Also It came to my attention about untrue facts that you are saying, me scamming people, who Sean??. Well if things don’t stop Your going to get sued and I will publish that online with the documents along with testimony from U.S. and Canadian customers that are happy with the service. In fact you are digging yourself a hole and all threads that you posted claiming that I am a scam are going to be submitted to the courts. I would like to see what you can bring to the courts to prove I actually scammed someone. Things are going to get bad for you, you don’t want to mess around with the truth because in the end that’s what the courts and people will see. Sean I feel sorry for you man Slander is an evil that only you can explain. You will slowly find that people will lose respect for you and friendship will become scares. In the end no one will care about what you have to say because there initial contact was for a car not your drama. You will lose a lot of friends and at the end you will be banned from all the forums. I know them all buddy, there is a long list of relationships between the import community and DRIFT Tuners.

First off - slander is spoken words . Libel is when you write something. As you all can imagine. I have had some words with the kid, that I can't post on a forum. I am going to continue to egg him on.

Hey Sean your getting served which means because I’m filing locally you will have to fly here for court to plea your case. I will post all the documents about the law suite and we are for real and because we don’t back down people see that we are for real. No more games, your account will be shut down by also as we have a relationship with them. There have been contacted tonight. Funny thing is that our PR guys and marketing guys are close friends with you, not any more, you’re going to look stupid as this goes on my friend. And again your still to proud to call me, love that! Small little guy that no boddy cares about because you have nothing better to do then talk ******** without proof, so who am I scamming?? J

They are going to shut me down. Sue me locally. Nice. I am shaking in my boots right now.

Ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

Lol yEAH Sean you're going to lose all your friends. WHAT D-BAG's F them.

Barbara Delorge said...

If you are interested, Jeremy just scammed my son who is serving in Afghanistan for $14,600!! Now Jeremy is in his lying phase. He has told my son and myself two completely different stories as to why the car is NOT here and why he can't get refund quickly, etc... You can reach me at if you would like to know more. Keep up the good work of letting people know about the rip-off artist that are floating around.