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Dec 10, 2008

Drift Tuners : Federal Law ? State Law ? Whats the Difference ?

From some emails - and posted at Freshalloy

Sean in Japan the emission standards are much higher so if importing a car with the OBDII system built in Japan, why is it an issue in the US. Only Cali can come close to the standards of Japan for emissions. So your saying that the U.S. needs to make a system better then Japan?, the country that has the highest emission standards standards?

Jeremy Boddy
General Director
DRIFT Tuners Inc.

Jeremy spitting knowledge there.

There is no OBD II on Nissan Skylines.

Japanese standards are not higher than US standards.

You are clueless. Do you have any idea what an FTP test is ? Any clue ?

Prior to importing a vehicle into the U.S., you will need to become familiar with the applicable EPA requirements. The Automotive Imports Facts Manual will guide you through the necessary steps for importing a vehicle. This document provides a comprehensive look at the vehicle import process. You may also wish to consult the Quick Overview of Vehicle Imports Requirements for an abbreviated discussion of many common import situations.

So how are you importing vehicles, and registering them without getting EPA approval ?


Where in the U.S law does it say that any car imported has to be at Federal Standards? It’s State to State.

Jeremy Boddy
General Director
DRIFT Tuners Inc.

Where ? How about here ?

This part establishes procedures governing the importation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment subject to the Federal motor vehicle safety, bumper, and theft prevention standards to ensure that motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment permanently imported into the United States conform to theft prevention standards, all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, and bumper standards.

Thats 49CFR Part 591 which is federal law on vehicle importation. Not state to state.

Drift Tuners.

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