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Friday, December 26, 2008

RB26DETT Water Pump : N1 vs Stock

This is a photo comparison of the RB26 N1 water pump vs the stock water pump

The top bolt hole is the only issue with some blocks. If you have a N1 block , then you will not have to worry about this top elongated hole. If you have a stock block, you will need to see if this intrudes into the water jacket. Several people have installed a N1 water pump, and then had water weeping from this hole. Check it, fill it if you want to be sure. I have used epoxy and a straw to fill it in. You could weld it up if you want, although be careful with warping. 

These pictures show the differences in the impeller design between the standard water pump and the N1 water pump. The N1 pump has a backing plate that helps reduce high rpm cavitation.

update: These days- now 2019 we see some people say they have cooling issues with N1 water pumps on street cars. In Los Angeles, with 100F, 38C+ temperatures, AC on in traffic, we have never had any issues with N1 pumps on a street car.  We suspect that peoples problems are more related to them deleting the clutchfan, or other issues non related to the pump itself.

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