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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Turbocharger Glass Art

For all my friends out there, that have a medical condition, or want some nice turbocharger glass art. I found this over on the TigerLife Blog.

“I started out making this for fun, then I posted it on dsmtuners, Honda tech and the srt forums. I got alot of positive feedback and sold about 20 of them. I can make them as just paper weights or “function art” if you get my drift.

I am selling them for $60 shipped. Sent money via paypal to imeyer85@yahoo.com. Please include if you want the “functional art” version or the normal (paper weight one), your forum name, and what forum you are from.

Some nice glass art. I know some of the turbo fans out there, have that prescription for legal weed. Here in California its turning into a fairly big industry.

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