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Jan 2, 2009

RB26 Powered Mustang for Sale

An incredible one of a kind car and part of movie history. After an investment of $100,000 in parts alone building this ONE OF A KIND 1968 California Mustang Fastback with a NISSAN SKYLINE TURBO GTR motor and 5 speed GTT manual transmission was driven for approximately 200 miles during making of a recent major motion picture. By contract we can’t say which one. This car was the "star" of the movie, featured in numerous magazine and internet article. It was driven by the film's star and not used in racing or stunt scenes. Some of the goodies built into the car include Wilwood four wheel disc brakes with 4 pistons up front, Volk GT-7 19 x 9 wheels up front and 19 x 10 in rear, Toyo Praxes T1R tires, KYB shocks, Flaming River rack & pinion steering, Sperco Intercooler, Greedy manifolds, N1 Magflow Exhaust, Fuel safe fuel cell with stainless lines, Global West upper & lower control arms, Wenco drive shaft, 9" Currie rear end, New Year One interior including new replacement seats, Hurst shifter, and front power windows. After completion of the movie, the car was put on display for promotion and displayed at an Auto Museum. Recently the car was taken back to the shop. The engine was completely rebuilt and all the little details - such as new carpet - that movie cars sometimes overlook were taken care of. for further info see line and search for skyline Mustang. The car current makes about 400hp and will run on 91 octane.

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sweet ill bid on it