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Aug 8, 2009

Croydon Wholesalers R32 GT-R Top Speed Run

Croydon Wholesalers Racing Nissan Skyline GT-R shortly after the new Holinger 6-speed sequential box was installed. The run was held at Ohakea Airbase near Marton, New Zealand, in September 2001 during filming for a sadly still-born video project that released an audio CD with the Skyline recorded this same day. On this run Glenn Suckling pulls away from a standing start through all six gears to sit on the redline, reaching 305kmph before braking hard at the end of the two-mile runway. Listen and you can hear the Goddie hitting redline.

They still hold the title of quickest 1/4 mile GT-R on a DOT tire. 8.55 with a T88 and big nitrous. 

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