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Aug 13, 2009

Guidelines for Entry of Partially Dismantled Vehicles - Australia


Australian requirements for the entry of partially dismantled vehicles. I thought this was interesting as I was looking it up based on requirements to ship a damaged vehicle to a customer in Australia.


As a result, there is a need to clarify the point at which a disassembled vehicle ceases, for Customs Tariff purposes, to be considered as a complete vehicle but rather is considered as parts for a vehicle. Parts do not require an import approval from the Department of Transport and Regional Services.

The following tariff precedents have been created to clarify this issue and to provide uniformity of information to importers and brokers to assist them in complying with entry of goods under the Customs Act 1901 (Customs Act):


  • Precedent No. 15439800 relates to bodies for passenger motor vehicles for the purposes of subheading 8707.10.91. For these goods to be considered as parts they must be imported with at least the engine, transmission and all wheels and axles removed and these components must not be shipped on the same vessel; and
Engine transmission axles, and wheels removed, and a motor vehicle is considered parts in Australia, and you don't need import approval to import it. Nothing about titling or registration here, just the actual importing though customs, and the duties that have to be paid. 8707.10.91 mentions the duties.

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