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Aug 16, 2009

US Department of Justice Letter : 60 Days to Export or Surrender.

One Kaizo customer recently received a letter from the US Department of Justice about his vehicle.  The letter is a little vague as it says “if my information is correct…” , this sounds like they are second guessing themselves.   They then say that non-compliant vehicles are subject to seizure and forfeiture. 

Then the letter states that the vehicle must be exported within 60 days of receipt of the letter.   We had a conference call with a few key people yesterday to start talking about organizing.  If you want to try and be a part of this, please contact me at tyndago at .  Based on the information we have, this vehicle was imported as parts, and reassembled by the owner here in the US.  The US allows for vehicles to be imported into the US as parts, and there fore was not “illegally” imported as the US Department of Justice is implying.




Pablo said...

Wow keep fighting the good fight tyndago!!!!

Anonymous said...

If he disassembled and reassembled stateside, that's intent to circumvent. But if the chasis came in as parts through another source and the customer himself had nothing to do with the importation of the body, then he did not disassemble with intent to reassemble. It would seem that he only built a car from the body that someone else brought in.

As long as the orriginal engine didn't wind up in the car, why is that not legal?

Anonymous said...

Still illegal. Hope he at least gets $4500 for Cash For Clunkers

sebeck said...

You owe me a 10 sec car!

Anonymous said...

Still illegal?? Bullshit! Prove it!

Anonymous said...

I’ve read this letter about 10 times. I’m trying to figure out exactly the underlying message being relayed here. The letter states nothing to the effect that the car will unequivocally be seized. It states, “if my information is correct and the vehicle is not in compliance…”. She is not sure her information is correct. I believe she sent this letter only as a procedure.

The letter goes on to state, “Also, as you undoubtedly know, non-compliant vehicles unlawfully imported into the United States are subject to seizure…”. Still, there are no substantiated findings stated to the effect of the vehicle in question is actually non-compliant.

She is basically stating the obvious, and using her stature to convince the owner to call the special agent and make arrangements to surrender the vehicle, otherwise, “the government will begin the process of seizing the vehicle”.

Under what grounds can the government begin the process of seizing a vehicle that has not yet been found as non-compliant?

I see this letter as merely a polite, yet very influential persuasion to get the owner to willing surrender his vehicle, before actual judgment of any non-compliance has been proven.

In my opinion, a certified return letter should be sent addressing the suggestion she outlined. Ask for a detailed explaination of "the information".

Anonymous said...

Call their bluff. This letter is merely a scare tactic to bring the owner to compliance with what they are asking. I say get a lawyer, call their bluff, and get some sleep.