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Sep 2, 2009

Noble M12 GTO-3R



Not a new magazine article, however it is interesting, and may hold some points for some people.  1 G is now Rossion Cars.

International automotive experts have called it, "The ultimate driver's machine." It has been described as "wild, yet civilized," and it has been said that the Noble M12 GTO-3R "offers pure, raw racing performance."


Its supposed to be a great car to drive.  There are a few of them around in the US.


Built by Noble Moy Automotive and sold as rolling chassis or turnkey-minus in America, exclusively by 1G Racing, the Noble M12 GTO-3R is pre-assembled at Hi-Tech Autos in South Africa.

The Noble came to the US as a rolling chassis.


The Noble M12 is shipped to 1G Racing the same way it is shipped to Noble UK--assembled without engine and transmission. The cars will be sold in limited quantities as a component rolling chassis only, making this, not a kit car per se, but a nearly complete component car, ready to accept the buyer's drivetrain (engine/transaxle).


Shipped assembled, without an engine and transmission.  A complete component car.  Rossion cars still gets chassis built in South Africa, and ships them to the US less engine and transmission.  It is up to the individual buyer to purchase and install an engine and transmission.   Rossion Manufacturing.


142_0405_noble_07_z No airbag there. And not only that, but FAKE carbon fiber.  They need a real carbon fiber steering wheel.


Source : Kit Car Magazine

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Anonymous said...

Tellin you, ya gotta see the RCR SL-C! Think I'd rather have one of those and put my own engine in.

SL-C is $44,000 USD with no drivetrain, but it's hotter looking and can accomodate almost any engine.

Throw a Twin Turbo V8 in there and you'll kill anything on the road (including yourself)!!