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Jan 13, 2010

Evo Magazine Car of the Decade :Result

Evo Magazine from the UK had an online poll on what their readers considered to be the the best and most important car of the last 10 years and the Nissan GT-R won.
Sadly, though, there’s reason to believe the vote was swung in the Nissan’s favour (and the second-place Vauxhall VX220’s) by a brace of enthusiastic owners’ forums. The rest of the contenders were left languishing as the Japanese giant and the Griffin-badged sports car battled it out in a distinctly two-horse race.

In the Evo office though their overwhelming pick for the car of the year was the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
New ed Nick Trott – ‘the car I most desire among these is the GT3 RS. It’s not the best (GT-R), nor is it the most impressive achievement (again, GT-R) but of all the cars in this list it’s the one I’d  I’d tip my last gallon of fuel into.’

The people voted for the GT-R, the editors while many of them like the GT-R, decided they liked the P car over all others. 
Source : Evo

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