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Jan 19, 2010

Nissan Skyline GT-R OEM Part Numbers

From Freshalloy Forum. Complied by John from
Part numbers for RB26DETT only, unless otherwise noted.

Ignitor pack- R32/33- 22020-05U00
Spark Plugs- PFR6A-11

Clutch Pull to push conversion-
Late Model R32, R33
Front cover assembly :32110-05U11 (japan part only)
Gasket :32112-05U12
Clutch fork :30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX)
Spring :30514-14600
Spring :30534-E9000
T/O bearing :30502-14601
Bearing sleeve:30501-S0160 / 30501-N1601 (14mm for twin / trip disc)
Bearing sleeve: 30501-K0404 (24mm for single disc)
Dust cover :30542-31610
Slave cylinder :30620-21U01
Flywheel bolt: 12315-04U00

Factory Clutch
Disc- C0100-05U15
Cover-30210 - 05U01
Bearing- 30502-21000
Disc- 30100-21U01
Cover- 30210-21U00
Throw out bearing- 30502-12U00 (300ZX part) or 30502-45P00 (300ZX part)
Bearing Sleeve- 30501-S0200 (18mm)
Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover- 30210-24U00
Bearing- 30502-12U00
Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover-30210 - AA300
Bearing- 30502-12U00
R32/33 Brembo Brake pads-
F 41060-12U87
R 44060-12U87
Belts- RB26 R32 4 Ribs
AC- 925 mm
Power Steering- 950 mm
Fan- 880 mm
RB26 R33/R34- 4 Ribs
AC- 910 mm
Power Steering- 969 mm
Fan- 875 mm
R32- RB25
AC- 4 ribs 925mm
PS- 3 ribs 845mm
Fan- 4 ribs 860mm
R32- RB20
AC- 4 ribs 925mm
PS- 3 ribs 855mm
Fan- 4 ribs 860mm
R33- RB25
AC- 4 ribs 910mm
PS- 3 ribs 845mm
Fan- 4 ribs 850mm
AC- 3 ribs 910mm
PS- 3 ribs 855 mm
Fan- 4 ribs 850mm
R34- RB25/RB20 - 4 Ribs
AC- 910mm
PS- 865mm
Fan- 890mm

Water Pump-21010-58S25
N1 Water Pump- 21010-21U26
N1 oil pump- 15010-24U01

Thermostat-21200-42L06 for the RB25DET and RB26DETT.
Part # is 21200-42L00 or 21200-42L01 for the RB20DET.
R32 ABS Unit- 47600-05U00
R33 ABS Unit- 47600-15U00
R32 Power steering pump- 49110-05U00
Intake gasket- 16175-05U70 (3 needed)
Nismo AFM’s 22680-RR580
Standard AFM’s 22680-05U00
Lower rad hose- 21603-72L00
Upper rad hose- 21501-05U00
R32 ATTESA valve- 49836-01U00
R33 AC Compressor- 92600-24U15
R32 Clutch master Cylinder- 30605-05U00
R32/33 CAS 23731-02U10/1
R32 Starter- 23300-20P00
N1 Block- 11000-24U00
Injector O-Rings- 16635-78A00
Valve cover gasket- 13270-58S11 and 13270-58S01
Valve cover half moon seal- 11051-58S00
R32 AAC- 23781-05U11
R32 GTR ECU- Hitachi- 23710-05U02/01
R32/R33 Twin Cam valve cover strip- 13290-05U00
R33 Front Hood Spoiler-65834-24U00
R32 Oil Pressure Sender- 25070-30P01
R33 AC Hoses
Flexible low pipe - 92480-98U00
Front cooler high line- 92440-24U20
Flexible low hose- 92490-24U10
R33 Heater core compatible with Z32 heater for you must reuse your plastic inlet and out lines- TBA
RB26 Dip Stick- 11140-05U02
R32/33 Starter- 23300-20P05
R32 Alternator (Mitsu unit) 23100-20P10 (90 amps) 23100-86L11 Mitsu (90 amps) and 23100-86L12 Mitsu
R33 Alternator 23100-70T13 Mitsu (80 amps) 23100-70T03 hitachi (80 amps) 2/97~up 23100-0V010 Mitsu (80 amps)
R34 Alternator 23100-0V016
R32 2WD model Alternators
23100-59S01, 23100-85L00 Hitachi
23100-85L10, 23100-85L11, 23100-85L11 Mitsu
Found this on GTR UK
Part Number Item Description Common To Other Source Notes
13028-20P25- Belt - Timing no
16400-72L00- Strainer Assy - Fuel U13
21200-42L05- Thermostat Assy Y32
22401-58S15- Plug - Spark KN13 w/CA18DE
28890-01U00- Blade Assy - Windshield no
28890-51S10- Blade Assy - Windshield B13
28790-56E00- Blade Assy - Rear Window U12?
30100-04U00- Disc Assy - Clutch no
30210-73L00- Cover Assy - Clutch no
30502-21000- Bearing - Clutch Release Z31 turbo
46210-04U00- Hose Assy - Brake, Front no
46214-01A11- Hose Assy - Brake, Rear B13
37521-01U26- Bearing Kit - Center (Driveshaft) no from 89/11 to 90/08
38300-84M79- Final Drive Assy no without EAL sensor
39241-73L25- Repair Kit - Seal, Outer (outer CV boot, rear) Z32 non-turbo
39741-03P27- Repair Kit - Seal, Inner (inner CV boot, rear) Z32 non-turbo
30611-71L25- Piston Kit - Clutch Master Cylinder WD21 '90-'91
30621-26E25- Piston Kit - Clutch Operating Cylinder no
32114-Y4000- Seal - Oil, Front Cover (Transmission) D22 '00+ KA24DE
32112-04U00- Gasket - Front Cover (Transmission) S13?
32136-U0100- Seal - Oil, Rear Extension (Transmission) D22 '00+ KA24DE
32870-V5003- Socket Assy - Control Lever (shifter bushing) S13
32862-V5001- Boot - Control Lever (inner shift boot) S12
38342-P9000- Seal - Oil, Differential Side Z32 non-turbo
38440-N3100- Bearing - Differential Side WD21 '90-'93
38189-21G00- Seal - Oil, Drive Pinion WD21 '88-'90
38120-13210- Bearing, Drive Pinion, Front Z32 non-turbo
38120-10V00- Bearing, Drive Pinion, Rear Z32 non-turbo
39711-73L00- Joint Assy - Inner (rear CV joint) Y32
43210-AA000- Bearing - Rear Axle, Inner no
43206-01U00- Rotor - Disc Brake, Rear Z32 '90
40210-33P02- Bearing Assy - Front Wheel Z32
40206-04U00- Rotor - Disc Brake, Front no
54524-01U67- Link Complete - Front Suspension, Upper RH no 54524N
54524-01U67- Link Complete - Front Suspension, Upper LH no
54500-01U01- Link Complete - Transverse, RH no 54500
54501-01U01- Link Complete - Transverse, LH no
54590-01U25- Extension Complete - Knuckle Arm, RH no 54590
54591-01U25- Extension Complete - Knuckle Arm, LH no
56112-A0100- Bush P11 56112
54618-56S11- Rod Assy - Connecting, Stabilizer S14
56112-V0100- Bush P11 56112+A
54468-01U00- Rod Complete - Tension, Front Suspension no
54476-35F20- Bush - Mounting, Tension Rod G50
54613-01U11- Bush - Stabilizer no
54050-01U11- Bumper Assy - Bound no
43252-30P00- Seal - Grease, Rear Hub Z32 non-turbo
55157-33P00- Bush Z32 43052E
55152-35F00- Bush G50 43052D
56219-33P00- Bush Z32 43052F
55130-32P00- Link Complete - Upper, Rear Suspension Rear Z32 8903 - 9008 55130M
55120-71L00- Link Complete - Upper, Rear Suspension Z32 8903 - 9006 55120
56113-33P00- Washer - Rear Stabilizer S13 56113M
54612-35F00- Bush - Rear Stabilizer Z32 56243+A
54612-01P00- Bush - Rear Stabilizer Z32 56243
55501-35F00- Arm Assy - Rear Suspension, RH Z32 non-turbo to 9006 55501
55502-35F00- Arm Assy - Rear Suspension, LH Z32 non-turbo to 9006 55502
54613-71L10- Bush - Rear Stabilizer S13 56243+B
55490-01U00- Damper Assy - Dynamic, Rear Suspension no
55475-35F00- Stopper - Member Mounting Lower S13 55475M
56217-71L00- Bush - Rear Shock Absorber P11
55154-30P00- Ball Joint Assy - Rear Axle Z32 turbo
55114-39F10- Link - Lower, Rear Suspension S13 55114+A
55114-39F00- Link - Lower, Rear Suspension S13 55114
48203-39F25- Boot Kit - HICAS Actuator S13
36530-71L00- Cable Assy - Brake, Rear Right no
36531-71L00- Cable Assy - Brake, Rear Left no
46011-30P25- Piston Kit - Tandem Brake Master Cylinder no same as GT-R
46010-04U20- Cylinder Assy - Brake Master no Three different brake master cylinders listed - check first
48080-50M11- Joint Assy - Steering, Lower KN13
49110-04U00- Pump Assy - Power Steering no
49200-04U00- Gear Assy - Power Steering (steering rack) no
49271-04U00- Rack Assy - Power Steering no
48521-72E00- Socket Assy - Tie Rod, Inner P10
48520-71L25- Socket Kit - Tie Rod, Outer no
49365-10V26- Seal Kit - Oil, Rear Housing (of steering rack) B14
49277-42L00- Seal Set - Piston Z32 '90-'92
49297-10V25- Seal Kit - Housing, Power Steering Gear U12?
48203-10V25- Boot Kit - Power Steering Z32
22433-60U01- Coil Assy - Ignition G50 '91 does not include protector
22020-05U00- Transistor Ignition Unit no same as GT-R
23731-79S10- Camshaft Position Sensor no two listed, check first
25080-89903- Sensor - Temperature Z32 25080X
25070-55S60- Sensor - Oil Pressure Z32 '90
25085-89900- Sensor - Boost Z32
23100-59S01- Alternator Assy no
23300-20P00- Motor Assy - Starter no
23343-20P00- Switch Assy - Magnetic (starter solenoid) B14 '94 GA16DE MT
25567-71L01- Body - Combination Switch no
25570-71L00- Switch Assy - Mirror Control no
24345-51E60- Cover - Connector (for battery connector) P10
24080-01U00- Cable Assy - Battery Earth no
24077-01U00- Harness Assy - Engine no
24022-F6100- Wire Assy - Fusible Link F31 24022
24022-55S60- Wire Assy - Fusible Link no 24022+A
24010-01U13- Harness Assy - Main no
25560-02U00- Switch Assy - Combination no
25260-01U00- Switch Assy - Wiper no 25260P
25260-01U10- Switch Assy - Wiper no 25260PA
25290-01U00- Switch Assy - Hazard no
25160-01U00- Switch Assy - Lighting no
25350-01U00- Switch Assy - Rear Defogger no
25540-01U22- Switch Assy - Turn Signal no
25450-01U10- Switch - Sunroof no
25401-04U00- Switch Assy - Power Window, Main no
25431-01U00- Switch Assy - Power Window, Assist no
28515-01U00- Amplifier Assy - Auto Power Window no
28511-01U01- Amplifier Assy - Windshield Wiper no
28475-01U00- Sensor Assy - Steering no
26025-01U00- Housing Assy - Head Lamp, RH no three kinds listed, check first
26075-01U00- Housing Assy - Head Lamp, LH no
26719-C9946- Bulb (headlight) G50 '91-'93 26011AD
26124-01U00- Body Assy - Combination Lamp, RH (front) no
26129-01U00- Body Assy - Combination Lamp, LH (front) no
B6554-04U00- Body Assy - Combination Lamp, RH (rear) no
B6559-04U00- Body Assy - Combination Lamp, LH (rear) no
26552-04U04- Rim - Combination Lamp, RH (rear) no
26557-04U04- Rim - Combination Lamp, LH (rear) no
28930-01U00- Nozzle Assy - Washer, No. 1 (driver's side) no
28931-01U00- Nozzle Assy - Washer, No. 2 no
28970-01U00- Nozzle Assy - Rear Window Washer no
28920-71L10- Pump Assy - Washer no
27140-71L10- Core Assy - Front Heater U12
27220-91L00- Motor & Fan Assy - Blower P10
21410-04U00- Radiator Assy no
21501-04U00- Hose - Radiator, Upper no
21503-72L00- Hose - Radiator, Lower no
21430-01F01- Cap Assy - Radiator B13
48470-04U00- Cover Set - Steering Column no
G2716-89901- Dam Rubber - Sealant S13
72750-04U10- Moulding Set - Windshield no
72712-05U05- Glass - Windshield no
72725-04U10- Fastener - Moulding no
G2716-89902- Dam Rubber - Sealant (rear window) D21
79780-04U10- Fastener - Moulding no
79712-04U17- Glass - Rear Window no
79750-04U10- Moulding - Rear Window no
80730-F6100- Motor Assy - Regulator, RH S13
80731-F6100- Motor Assy - Regulator, LH S13
80720-04U00- Regulator Assy - Door Window, LH no
80721-04U00- Regulator Assy - Door Window, LH no
80300-04U00- Glass Assy - Door Window, RH no
80301-04U00- Glass Assy - Door Window, LH no
83306-04U10- Glass Assy - Side Window, RH no
83307-04U10- Glass Assy - Side Window, LH no
96365-35F00- Glass - Mirror, RH Z32
96366-35F00- Glass - Mirror, LH Z32
96321-01U00- Mirror Assy - Inside no
10101-73L25- Gasket Kit - Engine Repair no
11042-72L25- Gasket Kit - Valve Regrind no
12279-42L00- Seal - Oil, Crankshaft Rear no
11121-42L00- Gasket - Oil Pan no
11044-58S01- Gasket - Cylinder Head no
13270-58S01- Gasket - Rocker Cover no
13270-58S11- Gasket - Rocker Cover no
15255-40F00- Cap Assy - Oil Filler B13 w/GA16DE
11220-02U02- Insulator - Engine Mount, Front no 89-'91
11320-41L03- Insulator - Engine Mount, Rear no
13231-58S12- Lifter - Valve no same as twin-cam CA engines
13070-73L00- Tensioner Assy - Belt (timing belt) no
14035-72L10- Gasket - Manifold (intake manifold to head) no
14032-72L00- Gasket - Intake Manifold (intermediate) no
14036-58S00- Gasket - Exhaust Manifold no
14415-V5300- Turbocharger Inlet Gasket Z31 turbo
14445-V2700- Turbocharger Outlet Gasket no
14465-26E00- Gasket - Inlet Tube (turbo compressor) Z32 turbo 8907-8912
15196-P7600- Turbocharger Oil Outlet Gasket Z31 turbo
14401-72L26- Turbocharger Gasket Kit no
15010-79S05- Pump Assy - Oil no
13510-19V00- Seal - Oil, Crankshaft Front no
22620-02U00- Throttle Position Switch no
16175-79S00- Gasket - Throttle Chamber no
22670-72L02- Regulator Assy - Pressure (fuel pressure) no
25060-01U00- Sender Unit - Fuel Gauge no
21010-42L25- Pump Assy - Water no
17042-73L02- Pump Assy - Fuel no
17251-79915- Cap Assy - Filler B12
BCNR33 Suspension part numbers
54618-05U00- front anti-roll bar link (goes on the end of the roll bar)
40160-AR510 front inner ball joint
40160-05U00 front outer ball joint
54613-01U11 front anti-roll bar bush
54614-05U00 front anti-roll bar bracket
R32/33/34 Wheel bearings
40210-05U00- Front
43280-AA3001- rear
43281-AA3001- rear
Hub seals
40232-33P55- front
43252-40P00- rear
R34 CAS- 23731-5L300
Updated 3rd, 4th and 5th gear trans part (R32-R33)
32606-30P10 Coupling sleave
32251-30P14 2nd gear
32604-30P60 ring 5th
32261-12014 3rd gear
32604-30P61 ring
32811-05U10 shift fork
32611-AA510 Coupling sleave
32609-70L15 Shifting insulator X3
32201-05U71 Main drive gear
32604-40P61 ring
32605-30P11 Hub
32603-30P00 Spring shifting X2
32212-AA504 Counter gear
32230-054U24 First gear
32137-AA500 Plate
32341-30P04 Over drive gear ( 5th gear )
32245-30P60 Reverse gear
32220-30P60 Reverse gear
32614-30P60 Ring
32615-30P60 Shifting insulator X3
32214-01G21 Corn counter
32616-30P20 Coupling sleave
32282-30P61 Reverse gear
32320-VB361 Shaft
32139-VB300 retainer
32312-30P24 gear
32320-VB361 shaft
32139-VB300 retainer

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