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Feb 5, 2010

Blitz R35 GT-R Drifting

On the Dunlop Japan blog, this picture of a Blitz R35 GT-R drifting showed up in a post. Its hard to tell, as its a single picture, if it is the car that Blitz has been working on, or just a normal R35 GT-R getting sideways. I did a Google translate on the page, and nothing was very specific.  The wheels look similar, but the graphics and hood are different from the car that was shown at TAS 2009.

blitz r35 drifting

blitz r35

There is a rendering of the “Dunlop D1 Skyline 2010” and its not an R35 GT-R, looks like the same old ER34 Skyline. So either the rendering is wrong, or the R35 is not ready to drift in 2010.

NORTON 変更最終案09 2:20

Source : Dunlop Blog

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