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Feb 5, 2010

Full Race R14 Prepares for 2010 Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout

Its good to see Full Race finally getting their R14 ready for the 2010 Modified Magazine Tuner Challenge. The R14 is a GT-R driveline equipped 240SX (S14 model).


The color, the stance, all look good.  Knowing there is a 500+ whp RB26 on pump gas inside, just makes me smile.


Full Race has been working on the V-Mount and cooling for the R14. You can see a couple of oil coolers, and the new intercooler mount.


This is an R32 front spindle that has been modified to work with the Moton Dampers that are going on the car, and a modified toe link to help adjust bumpsteer.


Fuel surge tank and dual 044 fuel pumps. Full Race says their plan is to run 100 psi base pressure on E85 fuel.  The 044’s will pump some pressure, but 100 psi plus another 30 psi of boost is 130 psi. Not sure even the 044’s will like that much pressure.


Full-Race Twinscroll Turbo kit
RB26 stock bottom end but fully built head
Borg Warner Airwerks twinscroll S300SX 88-75 turbo, expecting 680-700hp on E85 (e85 helps response and spool), good oiling system and cooling is getting improved right now
full roll cage, proper bracing in the right spots
r34 gtr brembos front and rear, raybestos motorsport pads, brake ducting
R32GTR front suspension, caster changed to 7degrees through custom upper control arm mounts. Stock swaybar, Stock Upper Arms, Stock lower arms, Stock tierods, Quaife Front LSD, urethane swaybar bushings
R33GTR rear suspension, full adjustable links, R32GTR stock swaybar, nismo LSD
Tires are Hoosier A6 (Autocross compound for time attack) and BFG R1 (enduro + lapping) 275/35 on a 18x10.5
Torque Split is running fixed with 40-55-60psi in the transfer case (ATTESSA eliminated) depending on preference and tires/track condition

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Unknown said...

Bad ass.

Mike M Images said...

full race makes some quality stuff

Matt said...

I got some photographs of this car as it was burning. Apparently they decided to up the boost to the 740whp setting and the car didn't like it. I heard an oil line blew, but I'm not sure.
Look out for my images in the Modified Magazine coverage of this event.

- Matt Chandler