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Feb 13, 2010

Exporting from the USA to Australia : Car Guide

This is a quick guide on exporting cars from the USA. Most of the details are answered in other areas of our site, these are just the basics for cars. Race cars, equipment,campers, and boats have different requirements.

1)Finding a car

Once you have found a car from any of the various sources out there,Ebay , Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. Most vehicles should  be inspected.  Please fill out a shipping form for us. It allows us to track, and gives us all the information we need to be able to help you in transporting the car.

2) Buying a car

We recommend you send the money to us in the USA so we can pay the seller. That way the seller does not have the money and the car at the same time.  Some people in the US are concerned in dealing with out of country buyers, and many will not accept wire transfers, or foreign cashiers checks.  Titles are very important, and we need to have an original title sent to us in Carson, CA.

3) Transporting a car

We can organize transport for you in the US, or you can arrange it yourself.  Some sellers will drop off cars direct to us.

4) Import Approval

Please arrange for import approval as quickly as possible. Delays cost money. Getting it done right away gives everyone extra time.

5) Shipping Rates

Shipping rates vary on the size of the vehicle and where it is going.

6) Loading and Shipping Frequency

We load containers nearly every week to Brisbane. To Melbourne and Fremantle we load about every four weeks.  Everything depends on the size and number of vehicles we are sending.

7) Container Tracking and Payment

We will send you an invoice with container tracking information, and request for payment once the container is loaded and “on the water”.

8) Customs Clearance, Cleaning, and Delivery in Australia

We will collect the container in Australia, unload it, clear customs and , clear quarantine once in Australia. After this process the vehicle will be able to be picked up, or we can arrange transportation to you.



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