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Apr 13, 2010

I Bought Something Today : RB25DET

Not just any RB25DET.  An RB25DET, Automatic, and all wheel drive.
RB25 Auto AWD-3
Its been up on eBay for a while. The price had been steadily dropping from $1299 down to $1099 recently. A while ago I offered the guy $1000 for it.
RB25 Auto AWD
I tried him at $900, but he came back at $1000 shipped. Its a decent enough price for something that I don’t really “need”, so I bought it.

Now the question is going to be, what am I going to do with it ?  I am not even sure which automatic transmission it has. If its something I can even do anything with.  The transfercase looks familar. 
The RB25 oilpan rail bolts are at a little different location than the RB26, so I will have a look at that. I have made some fun of the non- RB26’s in the past, but I actually like the ones I have had a chance to play with. The response due to the variable intake timing, makes them come up quick.
I have some ideas, have some plans.  Just need to find time and money as usual.  Maybe I can find someone to help me out with some parts ?


Unknown said...

Funny to stumble on this post. I bought the same engine from Chris off of Ebay. He wanted the transaction completed outside of Ebay and that ended up screwing me. I got it for $900 shipped, but I found that the oil pan was cracked when I got it home and was able to do a close inspection. Also, the crankshaft pullies and blancer are damaged. Chris refuses to make good on the damaged parts. He tried to make a claim to the shipper, which didn't work out, trying this even though the damage was under the plastic wrap, which was not damaged, indicating that the damage pre-existed shipping.

So, now I'm left with having to source parts to get this engine into the condition it was advertised as and I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THOSE GUYS!!!!!

My plan for the engine is to put it into a 1986 BMW 325 that I picked up in Jan. I have the front and rear suspension cradles from an R32 GTR that I'm also going to use, as well as the AWD 5spd from a GTR... So, when I'm done with the car, I'm going to have a pretty nice 325xi...

Unknown said...
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