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Apr 4, 2010

Quickest 1/4 Mile Times on Stock Turbos : Worldwide

The quickest known times on stock turbos on Nissan Skyline GT-R’s. This covers the US, Australia, and Europe. The source is the forums.

I don’t recommend try this hard on stock turbos. Eventually the ceramic exhaust wheel breaks off, and you have a normally aspirated Nissan Skyline GT-R.


1. R32 11.36@125.63 / XKLABA (SAU) / 1.71 60ft
stock ceramic turbos
ces dumps
turbo back exhaust
twin plate clutch
apex'i power intake, PFC , z 32 AFM's
standard intercooler, standard injectors, standard cams, cam gears, spilt fire coils
HKS EVC @ 19 psi = 290.1 rwkw
Shell V-power

2. R33 11.45@118 / godzukid_gtr33 / 1.63 60ft
stock ceramic turbos
power Fc, clutch, cams, JUN oil pump Nismo Fuel Pump and intercooler

3. 11.57@117.89 in Australia (1.71 60ft, ½ track - 7.41 sec / 94mph)
240 rwkw

4. R32 11.61@122.4 / RH9
-stock engine, turbo's, dump pipes (elbows), injectors.
-single plate clutch
-RSR front pipes
-HKS cam gears dialed in for torque
-Trust TR 90mm exhaust (no cat)
-EVC III @ 1.3 bar
-HKS pod filters
-1460kgs with driver (1380kg without) - had a few items removed for weight reduction.
105 octane

5. R32 11.74@120.5 / Eddie
pump fuel
stock ceramic turbos / stock head / stock cams
Link G4 plugin tuned by infomotive.
720cc injectors.
road tires

6. R33 11.76@116.27 / Cliff J / 1.64 60ft
Standard ceramic turbos - running 1 bar
Standard cams
Standard 444 injectors
HKS EVC V boost controller
Blitz induction
Exedy twin plate clutch
Apexi Power FC - mapped by Abbey motorsport
R888 tyres (285/30/18)

7. R32 11.81@120.9 mph / United States
with 1.5 bar of boost

8. R32 12.0@119.35mph / N I B (SAU)
stock R33 Turbos
Wolf ECU
Bigger cooler kit
Apexi exhaust with stock dumps
Nismo clutch

9. R32 12.5 / Adam Kindness
standard turbos 0.9 bar

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