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May 6, 2010

Long Beach : World Challenge Touring Car : Scion tC

In my off time, I do a little side thing. This blog is about Nissan GT-R’s , but I have been involved with cars and racing most of my life. In 2006, I did World Challenge as a crew chief on Igors – Automotive Forums R34 GT-R.  Fun, tough, expensive. Those would be the three words I would use to describe that year.

#18 DG-Spec Scion tC

For the last couple years I have been helping Dan with his Scion tC. Dan was a Nissan guy, I actually met him though Freshalloy, when I was at Motorex.  Dan has done well, he works hard, has a routine, and he sticks to it.  This year the one car NASA team, has grown to a two car SCCA World Challenge effort.

So far this year, we have built the second car #36 for Dan Gardner in three weeks, with lots of help, and raced at St. Petersburg and Long Beach.  At St. Petersburg we had two races, the #18 car with Robert Stout driving finished in 2nd place in both. The #36 car finished in third and fourth place.  At Long Beach, the #18 car won the Touring Car class, and the #36 car found the wall at turn 8 while we were 1-2.

During the second practice session at the World Challenge race in Long Beach, we lost an oil line, that then caused us to lose an engine. Time lapse of the engine replacement. Start to finish, it took us a while. First engine or transmission I have had to deal with since I started working on the DG Spec Scions. We qualified the #18 car P4.

Some behind the scenes video and pictures from the event.

Next race is Mosport in about 14 days. I have been so swamped in regular work, that I haven’t had any time to dedicate to helping prep the cars for Mosport.  The #18 car is now carrying 75 lbs in “REWARDS” weight for the two 2nds and 1st place showing.  Robert is in 1st place in the drivers points, and Scion is leading the manufacturers championship in Touring Car. 

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