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Sep 17, 2010

MotoIQ Project R32 GT-R

R32 GT-R. A rare color

Eric at MotoIQ has a project R32 GT-R that has gone though some upgrades to help improve it over the stock R32 GT-R. If you have an R32 GT-R, or for that matter R33, or R34, or are looking for some information on them, I wrote some basics up several years ago.

To me, parts selection of any build is probably one of the most critical aspects of building a car. Other aspects are attention to detail, ECU tuning, suspension and chassis, etc. but that's another story for another day. The parts chosen for a build as a whole are probably more important than the individual parts by themselves. In part one of this build, I promised explanations of why I chose to use the parts I did. Some of the part names are also hyperlinks to take you somwhere for more information.
As a quick refresher since I wrote part 1 almost 18 months ago, this stage 1 build is basically everything you can do around a stock block and cylinder head without changing any internal components of the block or cylinder head. Why keep the stock internals? Because you can for a 500-600hp build as long as the engine is properly tuned and maintained. You can drive it, drag it, beat the crap out of it, and it still shouldn't break despite being almost 20 years old now. In fact, I'd rather keep the stock components than use many of the off the shelf American forged aftermarket components if I was planning to keep it under 600hp.

Tomei Oil Pump
The Tomei oil pump is the best wet sump stock location pump available for the RB26. If I have to upgrade, I want a Tomei on the car.
XS Engineering throttle seals for the RB26.  The stock ones leak, you probably will not even notice they are leaking.

Rear suspension arms with spherical rod ends.

After you are done with the basics, and checking out what Eric is doing with his R32, you can read over some more Advanced GT-R notes.

Source: MotoIQ

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