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Nov 6, 2010

10.11@134.8 on stock turbos : Nissan GT-R : Now with Video

As the weather gets cooler, the turbo cars get faster.  sleepdoc from NAGTROC has done it again, gone faster with his stock turbo R35 GT-R.  He is killing it with his 60 foots, best time of a 1.47.  Drag radials in the back, stock wheels and tires in the front.  We may see a 9 second stock turbo car soon.  Nice passes congratulations.

Cobb AccessPORT, Kreissieg downpipes, HKS midpipe, HKS Legamax Catback, e85 Custom Tuned by Jack Cecil @ HPlogic ID1000cc injectors, Cobb SF intake, HKS upgrade B fuel system

582WHP 585 WTQ Mustang Dyno


sleepdoc-18 inch drag radials

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