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Jan 9, 2011

1987 Buick Grand National vs 2011 Buick Regal Turbo


I like G-bodies. If you don't know what a G-body is, Google it. For a few years I owned a 1986 Buick Grand National. 1987 was the final year of the GN, the 1986 was almost exactly the same as the 87 with some minor differences, if you want to know all the differences, yeah Google is your friend. Most people, would have a hard time telling them apart. 3.8 liter, turbo, SFI.

I got my GN with a few issues. It needed some paint, the interior was pretty thrashed. T-top and door rubbers were all really bad. Slowly it got fixed, and I drove it for a while when I worked at Motorex. Driving a GN is a little bit of a hassle for me, as I believe them to be an easy car to steal. Plastic steering column, no frames on the windows. I was always a little afraid it park it anywhere I couldn’t see it. It’s a popular car, and a popular car with guys that like to steal cars.  I got it impounded once, by Torrance PD, they checked it out, and found out it wasn’t stolen, and I got it back.  After that impound, it got parked for a while, and then it ended up getting sold to fund one of our businesses.


Head over to Inside Line for the full story on old vs new.

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